Lyckan is a music label founded in May 2008 by Karolina Stenström. Lyckan likes big hearts, long nights, madness and trees. Lyckan is a Swedish word meaning both ”meadow” and ”happiness".

Steso Songs will play at the tribute concert that will be held in honour for Stefan Holmberg. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 More info here.

Luntgatan girls releases a new EP (7''), "Vakna, somna, vakna.". More info here.

Steso Songs releases a new song on a cassette that comes together with issue #15 of Det grymma svärdet. She will also perform at the release party for this issue, more info here.

Lyckan is wakening from a good, long sleep. Rumour has it Steso Songs have gifts for you. Get a sneak peek in Malmö on March 21. More info here.

Steso Songs
Luntgatan girls

PSYKAKUTEN (in the past)

lyckan009 Luntgatan girls - Vakna somna vakna EP (7'')
lyckan008 PSYKAKUTEN - Maybe tomorrow (CD)
lyckan007 Steso Songs - OD #2 (single)
lyckan006 PSYKAKUTEN - If I could love I would (single)
lyckan005 PSYKAKUTEN - s/t (CD)
lyckan003 Steso Songs - Now it's dark (CD)
lyckan004 Steso Songs - The Worse (single)
lyckan002 Kite - EP (12'')
lyckan001 Steso Songs - EP (12'')

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